About Jon

Jon is ideally suited to serve the community of Fredericksburg. He has lived in Ward 2 for thirteen years, cares deeply about our City, and has volunteered his time and talent in many ways over many years.

With over three decades as a small business owner and practicing attorney, Jon brings to the table the analytical tools and level-headedness required to do the job. An excellent listener, he plays well with others. Thoughtfully weighing different opinions, Jon does not rush to conclusions, and is adept at finding solutions and common ground.

Jon is a retired archaeologist and a graduate of the law school at the University of Richmond. He’s committed to discovering stories and telling them fully and accurately.  He is licensed to practice law in Virginia and owns a boutique law firm in Fredericksburg (Gerlach Law Firm, PLC). He also owns two businesses. His law practice focuses on wills, trusts, non-profit law, and helping local small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

After building a satisfying career, he is now dedicated to doing what he loves the most – serving the Fredericksburg community.

Jon and Mitzi live on Charlotte Street with three cats and their mechanical yard owl, “Hal”. They each have two adult children, who are truly amazing in their own right. Tragically, the father of Jon’s two children was shot and killed by a robber when his children were infants. Jon adopted and raised them (but claims no credit for their remarkable success). Together, Mitzi and Jon have eight grandchildren.

Jon Gerlach with Grand Daughter Samarah at Architectural Review Board in Fredericksburg VA

A Community Leader

Jon is a community leader in Fredericksburg. He serves on several boards and committees. To stay abreast of local affairs, Jon attends nearly all meetings of City Council and the Planning Commission. Residents and business leaders often seek out Jon’s input on matters that are important to them, across a wide spectrum of issues. He is known as thoughtful and polite, a good listener with a sound ethical compass, and a person who gathers facts in order to make an informed decision.

Involved in City Government:

  • Chair, City's Architectural Review Board
  • Member, City’s Historic Preservation Working Group
  • Member, City's Archaeology Ordinance task force
  • Member, CPURC (City and Public Utility Review Committee)

Active in the Community:

Jon Gerlach and other artists presenting portraits to actress

It’s not well known, but Jon is an accomplished artist: he enjoys creating portraits and landscapes. “I paint for friends and for my own enjoyment; it’s a great way to decompress after a day’s work.” Below are some examples of his work. Jon also enjoys kayaking on the Rappahannock and walking and biking the trails around the City.

Jon Gerlach photo taken by Mitzi Brown

Art Portfolio

Three Muses
Pump House
Harriet Tubman
Fountain Boy
Duck Sunset
Commuter Parking